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Alex Podesta: Giant Rabbits & Other Art on Tour

Dearest editors and readers,

I am thrilled to have been invited to join the august ranks of The Indelible Kitchen. Although I'm not sure what place a piddler in the dead world of objects has amongst a group of writers, I would never miss a chance at shameless self-promotion. So... here is a picture from a recent show of mine at the UNO Fine Arts Gallery. Hope it is pleasing to your eyes. To follow should be pix from a two-person show in Innsbruck at Andechsgalerie, opening July 3rd and an August 4th opening solo install at the Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans (www.cacno.org). Join me at either of these if you're in either area.

Thanks Again Supremo!
Alex Podesta


Supremo said...

But of course Popular Ink's creative cadre includes visual artists! We love these. I mean who doesn't love a giant man/rabbit thing?

clayb said...

What about a man/sloth? Wouldn't you like that as well?

Anonymous said...

i don't love a giant man/rabbit, i love alex podesta as a giant man/rabbit and that makes all the difference in the world.

Anonymous said...

more art, Alex. we need to see more art on these here pages.