Welcome to Popular Ink's INDELIBLE KITCHEN.

Now get the hell out!

Really, we would love to have you stay but we would feel rude about that as we have left. As in gone, defunct, kaput. We aren't here anymore. Sometimes, when it's late and we are worried about dying, we do believe in reincarnation. So, maybe we will live again. We'll let you know if that happens.



If you wish to send a donation to honor musician, activist and artist Jonny Z you can send a check to Chop Suey Books. You can support the nonprofit group dedicated to feeding the hungry, Food Not Bombs, or you can contribute to the Nonesuch Fund to help pay rent on the store that Jonny Z helped establish and that will be in serious straits because of his death.

Chop Suey Books

1317 West Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23220

(804) 497-4705


(To post a memory, a link or other info or to read memories of Jonny Z, see the entry “Jonathan Zanin: A Kiss for Jonny Z”)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing this. It will take a lot of donations to keep the good that jonny did going.

Anonymous said...

this is a great post, with all the necessary information. so many hearts are broken over this. richmond hasn't nearly begun to heal yet, and already positivity has come of this. jonny would be so stoked.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to contribute to these funds. Even a dollar or two would help. It's easy to forget, but don't! Jonny wouldn't forget.