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An Excerpt from “Adman” by Corey Mesler

So we say there’s no caffeine in our toothpaste.”

“That’s right.”

“There is no caffeine in toothpaste.”

“Right. We say that.”

“But there’s never been caffeine in our toothpaste.”

“That’s the pitch. ‘Always caffeine free’.”

“There’s never been—“


“And people will think…”

“That other toothpastes maybe, just might, perhaps have just a little caffeine.”

“Which they don’t want.”

“Not in their toothpaste.”

-“Adman” originally appeared in Heat City Review.


Anonymous said...

hah! terrific!

Anonymous said...

i wish there was caffiene in my toothpaste. why doesn't someone make that?

Anonymous said...

i would like some coffee toothpaste