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"Poemophone: Optima" A Sound Sculpture by Tracey Cockrell

7" x 13" x 12"
typewriter, steel, cherry

The act of typing sets this sound sculpture in motion. "Poemophone: Optima" was used to generate a series of collaborative performances with artists, writers and musicians. "Optima" is the first of an edition of eight similarly altered typewriters--each based on the musical instrument, the mbira. Each altered typewriter has a unique tuning system or voice. Each of these eight "Poemophones" will be sent to one of eight writers who will spend several months developing written compositions for use in performance and recordings.


clayb said...

Poemophone, oh Poemophone!

clayb said...

I want my Poemophone!

Geoff said...

Tres cool Cockrell. Would like to see more of your work.