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"And still it goes on" by Tabitha Dial

And it still goes on

This time it happened in the car

after dinner—former husband and wife

taking out social mores again,

still hoping to screw one another over.


She probably smelled—

again—of that beautiful black,

almost the deepest brown,

wood and mud and sin-smacking lips

but never like sunshine.

Never like sunshine—

How could he resist her?


It lasted

long enough

for their signals

to reach across the pond

again and again,

playing leap frog

all last summer.

All last summer

they tried to sweeten things.

They scraped their front teeth

against the empty rind for any shred of sweetness

She put her unbroken mouth

over his, reached for his hands—

but the sky still draped

itself in black that night.

It would’ve been perfect

if there had been stars.


Tabitha Dial said...

Wonderful to have my poetry on this blog ... I hope that readers will take a moment to post a comment, even if it's just a "OK. I read this." sort of thing. No need to feel fancy or thoughtful. I'd love to hear anything from anyone (that's why we all create, after all). Thanks for the read.

clayb said...

Well executed. How's that?

Anonymous said...

read it. liked it.

Tabitha Dial said...

Clayb, great comment. Thank you. And much appreciation for anonymous dropping by.

Jay Snodgrass said...

Yes, Marriage is all about moral superiority.

Jesse said...

Good work :)

Tabitha Dial said...

Thank you, Jay and Jesse.

I haven't given the moral superiority concept much thought ... at least, not consciously. Maybe this is a new direction for my poetry. Thanks for the feedback.

Hope you are all enjoying nice weekends (and Happy Fourth).