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My Interstice by Jay Snodgrass

My life is a white zeppelin over a sporting event.

So up there, I’m all gosh and serrations.

I wish there were another, a dark zeppelin

that would come and do aerial combat with the first.

I would have Ollie North narrate for the History

channel. What a struggle. No one will ever again

notice the athletes murdering their wives.

& every explosion will be a shower of perfectly salted

peanuts, & with the crack of each shell

each person in the stadium will get three more years

to live & go shopping for antique ottomans.

It is the dark zeppelin of my youth, & it is winning,

volleying canon shot after laser beam. & the evil zeppelin

of my life is falling now in to the stadium which

languishes like a woman. Cut to Freud commercial.

Now back to the collapsing evil zeppelin ablaze now

all skeleton, striking mid field the Dolphin’s home game.

O weeping humanity, I need a slushy over here, my life

is so on display. The ribs of the dead zeppelin are my own

window blinds & the neighbors are tearing away from televisions

which means they’re breaking off their own faces

to look in at me, my weeping secrets inferno-ed

& the clouds are trollop heavy, candy soft & what I’m amazed

at is how perfectly gleaming is my black, black zeppelin.



Anonymous said...

who are you? where is your bio?

clayb said...

That's pretty pushy for a person who prefers to remain anonymous!

Anonymous said...

At first I read this as "my WIFE" is a white zepplin and I thought, Oh man are you in trouble. But since it is only your life . . .

Jay Snodgrass said...

Please write a poem in response to your misreading and I will post it on my blog.

clayb said...


clayb said...


clayb said...

Sorry, I'm mimicking the high style of the poet Gary Sange here.

Supremo said...

Your wife has read that remark Clay B and she is likely to cut you and yer stones off. And what is all this about "zeppelings"? Is that some kind of pastry.

clayb said...

Yes my wife is a slender pastry