Welcome to Popular Ink's INDELIBLE KITCHEN.

Now get the hell out!

Really, we would love to have you stay but we would feel rude about that as we have left. As in gone, defunct, kaput. We aren't here anymore. Sometimes, when it's late and we are worried about dying, we do believe in reincarnation. So, maybe we will live again. We'll let you know if that happens.


More Water by Clay Blancett

"I Have the Stones"

"Marineland of Florida"

"The Wreck of Tug 945"

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Supremo said...

Why it's not wrecked at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I got your stones all right. You don't have the stones cause I got em.

clayb said...

You keep the stones, okay?

Carry G said...

Man is that Marineland blue. Terrific stuff ClayB. Your colors are intense.