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Dick Cheney's Man Sized Safe by Jay Snodgrass

1. Obscene

Check the box behind the door. The case lingers, violence

Like bars of chocolate. Not so secret.

Reach back. Reach back to find the throat in the dark.

The straw, wet straw. I’m drinking from this.

Hide the behaviors of the secret camps. My big blue bleeding. Contiguous synthesis.

I love this channel. What will it do tomorrow.

The desert is one after the other. Arc of names.

What he said. Let’s do it again.

This street needs covering. Its secret is exposed. You drive down to my house and burn it down. The director is giving away his books.

Lick a card. Any card. Feel the redness

Living in the night, with my sacred credit cards.

Out of the braidal perilously crocking.

Specter of the worst. Clear metal bar. Swing into the casket.


Jay Snodgrass said...

I see the Dick Cheney poem is a Blogstumper.

Anonymous said...

if only he would swing into the casket now.

Fabio said...

If only. Why can't we just have him killed? See, you can't even talk about the poem because the evil person featured in the poem almost obliterates the writing.

Anonymous said...

They call him Dick for a reason.

Anonymous said...

the title of this poem reminded me of a cartoon i saw recentl where two metal safes are having sex--safe sex. get it? but he doesn't get it. maybe he shouldn't get it. maybe he lives in a perpetual world of unknown unknowns.