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Really, we would love to have you stay but we would feel rude about that as we have left. As in gone, defunct, kaput. We aren't here anymore. Sometimes, when it's late and we are worried about dying, we do believe in reincarnation. So, maybe we will live again. We'll let you know if that happens.


HEY! LOOK! A poem that actually responds to our monthly theme: “Murder, Mayhem and Miniature Golf” by Tabitha Dial

She used to always be ready

for miniature golf

or croquet –

any excuse to hit a ball

around a lawn

She used to always be ready

for a little murder

at the drop of a second –

any excuse to kick

around a father figure

She used to always be ready

for a bit of mayhem

or minor chaos –

any excuse to fix

over-frayed nerves

She used to be ready.

Now she cannot be bothered

to leave the house.


rumiante2@yahoo.com said...

nice. i like knocking aorudn father figures


Tabitha Dial said...

Oh really? Thanks for the comment.

Drew said...

I like knocking around golf balls and reading poetry. This site rocks